Brief History of the Force Farm

In 1986 we bought 96 acres of land in Gilbertsville, NY. First thing we did was put a trailer on the property so we would have a place to spend our honeymoon. In the early 1990's we added another parcel of 14 acres  to the Farm. 

Over the years the Force Farm became our retreat. We cleared the land to build a barn, renovated the farmhouse and planted a grove pine trees just above the trailer. In 2010 our sister-in-law transferred the final  parcel, a quarter acre of land, to us to complete our ownership of 111 acres of land. 

The property was a place of many happy memories as our family spent many weekends there with friends and raising our daughter.

Please watch this short slide show video of the Force Farm property 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about why we, Donna and I, are fighting to save the Force Farm.